Quandary – Fisherman’s Terminal, Seattle

Quandary, Oil on linen, 16x24, $960
November 28, 2015

I’ve been working from photos that I took in Seattle during my last visit in September. During the first week of my stay, the fleet was returning from the north Pacific. Within a week, the boats were crammed into nearly all available berths at Fisherman’s Terminal. I shot for two days, one blustery and one bright and clear.



Life in Mexico continues. Today there have been some confrontations between protesting teachers and federal police. I’m staying home,  not because I feel unsafe, but because it’s possible to get stuck a ways from home due to blockades and such.

Thanksgiving was good. Rocío and I went to the town of San Pablo Etla, about 30 minutes away, to join about 35 gringos for a typical Thanksgiving spread in a B&B. Rocío really loved the meal. It was her first taste of cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. While waiting for the meal to be served a woman said we looked like artists, haha. There was also an outdoor pen containing about 6 puppies rescued from who knows where. Their eyes were newly opened, bright blue. They melted Rocío’s heart, of course.

I’ve been sleeping pretty well, though I had a cold for the last week. I’ve been diligently drinking lots of fluids including two liters of unsweetened lemonade, which hopefully will dissolve any small crystals before they grow into more troublesome kidney stones.

Quandary, Oil on linen, 16x24, $960

16 x 24 in – 40 x 61 cm
Oil on linen – Oleo sobre lino
9,400 PMN


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