Plaza San Fernando – Guanajuato

Plaza San Fernando - Guanajuato, 16x20, Oil on linen, $800.00
August 4

Sidewalk cafes are always interesting. This cluster of eateries is a little ways to the left of La Clave Azul, subject of an earlier painting. Brightly painted buildings, as usual for Guanajuato. image

This one has been slow to paint. I’ve had some trouble sleeping due to swollen and dry nasal passages. A couple of nights ago I got a total of about 3 hours sleep after some other restless nights, so I’ve been a zombie. Add to that a massive mass at the Xochimilco church, protests, traffic, dogs, and I was a mess. No painting for me. So I went to good ole Doc Z, who sent me out to get some Afrin and miracle of miracles, I was breathing like a vacuum cleaner.

On the Tobias front, a couple of days ago, out of boredom and loneliness, he ripped up some planters in the back yard. His owner came home late and didn’t see the damage until the morning. Then he beat Tobias with one of the broken planters and left him short chained to a tree as punishment. I told him and his mother that dogs don’t have memory for the past and punishments only work if they follow a bad act by seconds. I complained that having to hear him cry and howl all day definitely reduces the value of the place to me. Things seem to have settled down since then.

August 5

Here I’m doing the tedium of suggesting the interior of the shops.image






August 7

Still hard to sleep, sinuses keep swelling up. Ugh! Here’s the progress on the painting:

image image

August 10

Finally done! Plaza San Fernando - Guanajuato

I’ve been struggling with insomnia and it has cut into my painting time. Ugh.

On a brighter note, Rocio and I spend a weekend in Calpulalpan, up in the Sierra Norte. Sunday we drove for two hours way back in the remote lushly forested mountains in search of a tiny village, Tevahua, specializing in red clay pottery. We made a pretty good haul of stuff. On the drive back we had a customary meal of trout which is available all over the mountain villages.

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