Crusader – Fisherman’s Terminal, Seattle

Crusader, Oil on linen, 16x20, $800
December 6, 2015

I enjoy marine scenes. This is from a clear September day over Fisherman’s Terminal in Seattle. I was drawn to the blue of the Crusader. The black hull and superstructure were reflecting blue sky.image

The challenge in a place like this is to edit out all the distraction on the busy docks. This boat was isolated in it’s berth so I didn’t have to try to figure out which booms and davits belonged to which boat.




Here at home things have gotten pretty chill. By that I mean cold. Evenings are chilly with a biting wind. Mornings out in my terrace kitchen are not so cozy. It’s nothing compared to Seattle and it’s kind of amusing to see how uncomfortable Oaxaqueños are with it.

I have to say I’m a little uncomfortable with how recent world events seem to give donald trump a bump in the polls. Mexicans don’t see it as geopolitical bombast. They see the Latino hater and wonder with dismay why such a man is doing so well. It’s hard to explain to them what goes on during the primary election season. Ugh.image

I’ve been sleeping well enough. Though lately, the church across the street has been ringing its bells for the early mass on more days than just Sunday. I imagine they have a new priest who is trying to get more sheep in the fold.image

We had the second meeting of our cribbage group last week. Rocío even played and won a game!

Crusader, Oil on linen, 16x20, $800

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