Another Guanajuato callejón

Guanajuato Callejón 3, 20x16, Oil on linen, $800
August 23

imageI started this one yesterday. This is a scene from near the city center down in the valley. The hills above will be crowded with colorful houses stacked up like leggos. This was shot my first day there after some light rain, providing nice contrast between the buildings and the road’s glare.

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Into the bowels of Guanajuato

Guanajuato Tunnel, 16x21, Oil on linen, $840
August 13

This is a classic view in Guanajuato. The origins of the town are in mining. As the town expanded, it had to build over old mine works and infrastructure. On the surface, the streets are very constrained with basically two avenues through the center of town. But below, a warren of tunnels keep the traffic moving. People park their cars down in the tunnels since most of the residences are on alleys with foot-access only. image





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Plaza San Fernando – Guanajuato

Plaza San Fernando - Guanajuato, 16x20, Oil on linen, $800.00
August 4

Sidewalk cafes are always interesting. This cluster of eateries is a little ways to the left of La Clave Azul, subject of an earlier painting. Brightly painted buildings, as usual for Guanajuato. image

This one has been slow to paint. I’ve had some trouble sleeping due to swollen and dry nasal passages. A couple of nights ago I got a total of about 3 hours sleep after some other restless nights, so I’ve been a zombie. Add to that a massive mass at the Xochimilco church, protests, traffic, dogs, and I was a mess. No painting for me. So I went to good ole Doc Z, who sent me out to get some Afrin and miracle of miracles, I was breathing like a vacuum cleaner.

On the Tobias front, a couple of days ago, out of boredom and loneliness, he ripped up some planters in the back yard. His owner came home late and didn’t see the damage until the morning. Then he beat Tobias with one of the broken planters and left him short chained to a tree as punishment. I told him and his mother that dogs don’t have memory for the past and punishments only work if they follow a bad act by seconds. I complained that having to hear him cry and howl all day definitely reduces the value of the place to me. Things seem to have settled down since then.

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Stuck in the Middle

Guanajuato Callejón 2, 16x24, Oil on linen, $860
July 24

It’s always hard for me to start a painting after I do one that I particularly like. Such was the case after I finished Exhacienda San Gabriel de Barrera, seen here. imageI thought I’d try a smaller work just to get something done. I chose a scene from a callejón well above the Guanajuato city center. A couple of attempts into it I reached that middle phase that often haunts me. I spoke about it here. I was drawn to the make-do architecture you see down here so much:



The second day was pretty much the same. What did I see in this???image







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Clave Azul

Clave Azul, 16x20, Oil on linen, $800
July 14

Plaza San Fernando, Guanajuato, Mexico

While strolling my first day in Guanajuato, after a 4-hour tour of the city, I found this very active plaza, San Fernando. Behind the cafe pictured in this  was a little key hole of an entrance into a callejon behind the square. Passing through, Alice-in-wonderland-like, I happened upon this lovely entrance to a restaurant.image

I’ll be done with this one pretty quickly. Here I’ve toned the canvas with my usual Winsor Orange.  The surprise will be in the finish. Stay tuned…

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Exhacienda San Gabriel de Barrera – Guanajuato

Exhacienda San Gabriel de Barrera, 24x32, Oil on linen - $1,900
June 30, 2015

Drawing - Exhacienda San Gabriel de Barrera

I decided to work this one large: 24×32. Here I’ve done the drawing on oil-primed linen. The dominant color in the painting will be a golden yellow so I’ve toned the canvas with a complement to the overall color palette, cobalt violet. Seems like a waste of the most pricy pigment out there, but there you go.

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