Los Trucheros de Cuatro Venados

August 7, 2019

Not long after I moved here I attended a presentation made by Alan Goodman and his partner on hunting for and locating old haciendas around the valley. The trick they said is to look for very large trees near rivers and streams. They had an old map not to scale, that indicated roughly where many were. 

So I struck out west after seeing one that should have been in the valleys beyond Monte Alban, turned right at Atzompa then left at some road and kept driving, eyes glued to GPS. I followed a river named Jalapilla, which my detective mind linked to the name of the hacienda I was hunting, Hacienda Jalapilla. How many could there be? Continue reading Los Trucheros de Cuatro Venados

El Espadero (Swordsmith) de Ocotlán

June 4, 2017

For my last birthday, Rocío blew me away with a hand crafted machete etched with the Seahawks logo with a handle made of bull horn made by Apolinar Aguilar and pictured here with a sheath made by my friend Pablo Acevedo.

The machete was made in the Angel Aguilar workshop of Ocotlán de Morelos. As I learned more about him, it seemed natural to do a documentary on him. Continue reading El Espadero (Swordsmith) de Ocotlán

Cañón del Sumidero, Chiapas

Cañón del Sumidero, Chiapas, Oil on linen, 30x20, $1,200
May 26, 2016

Wow, long time no paint!

I had a couple of fun visits from family. Then friends of ours announced they would be moving back to the states and wanted me to take over the lease of their place. I can’t imagine a better place for the money, still in Xochimilco, but further away from the noisy church. So I had to get ready for that move while packing for a vacation to Chiapas.

This painting is from that trip. It was in some ways grueling. The highways are very sinuous to say the least. They are too dangerous to drive at night so the trip to San Cristóbal de las Casas had to be in two legs. The first took us to Juchitán in Oaxaca. Being at sea level, it was freakin’ hot and humid. There was nothing in the town I wanted to see. Rocío had been there before and mentioned a market selling more exotic meats like iguana, turtle, etc. I wasn’t interested.

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How did I get to Mexico?

The three of us in El Cajon, CA

I grew up in San Diego where Mexico influences everything. We had a favorite Mexican restaurant we dined in at least monthly.  Later we frequently took a camper and dune buggy to places like Rosarito, El Golfo, San  Felipe, and Puertocitos.

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