El Alebrijero (Alebrije Maker) de San Martín Tilcajete

Aug 27, 2017

We had a great time doing this one. The original plan was to walk with Norberto to the country to cut down a copal tree, then record the interview followed by a return trip to shoot the making of the alebrije. Our first trip was delayed because his father, Ventura, had hernia surgery. Continue reading El Alebrijero (Alebrije Maker) de San Martín Tilcajete

El Espadero (Swordsmith) de Ocotlán

June 4, 2017

For my last birthday, Rocío blew me away with a hand crafted machete etched with the Seahawks logo with a handle made of bull horn made by Apolinar Aguilar and pictured here with a sheath made by my friend Pablo Acevedo.

The machete was made in the Angel Aguilar workshop of Ocotlán de Morelos. As I learned more about him, it seemed natural to do a documentary on him. Continue reading El Espadero (Swordsmith) de Ocotlán