Los Trucheros de Cuatro Venados

August 7, 2019

Not long after I moved here I attended a presentation made by Alan Goodman and his partner on hunting for and locating old haciendas around the valley. The trick they said is to look for very large trees near rivers and streams. They had an old map not to scale, that indicated roughly where many were. 

So I struck out west after seeing one that should have been in the valleys beyond Monte Alban, turned right at Atzompa then left at some road and kept driving, eyes glued to GPS. I followed a river named Jalapilla, which my detective mind linked to the name of the hacienda I was hunting, Hacienda Jalapilla. How many could there be? Continue reading Los Trucheros de Cuatro Venados


Rocío and I have opened up a shop on our site to sell prints of our paintings, sketches, and select photographs of mine featuring stuff in Oaxaca. Right now we can only ship within the U.S. and can only take Pay Pal as payment. You can see it here: https://lachilangaysupinchegringo.com/shop/

Atelier La Chilanga y su Pinche Gringo

Anunciamos la Gran Inauguración de nuestro taller/galería – Atelier La Chilanga y su Pinche Gringo. Presentamos las obras de Rocío Olguín Nava y Brian Parks. Paisajes, figuras y abstractos en óleo y acuarela. El taller será el sitio de varios talleres de pintura, encausto, y dibujo. Porfirio Díaz 719, Centro, Oaxaca. Junto a la plazuela del Mercado Sánchez Pascuas.

Announcing the grand opening of Atelier La Chilanga y su Pinche Gringo, roughly translated as Atelier The Girl from Mexico City and her F-ing Gringo.  Featuring the works of Rocío Olguín Nava and Brian Parks. Landscapes, figural, and abstracts in oil and watercolor. Eventually we’ll offer workshops in painting, encaustic, and drawing. Porfirio Díaz 719, Centro, Oaxaca. Next to the plaza of Mercado Sánchez Pascuas.

Habrá alcohol! There will be booze!

Viernes, 19 de octubre a las 19:00

Friday the 19th of October at 7:00 pm.



In San Juan Chicomezúchil

January 2, 2018

The mountain villages of the Sierra Juárez to the north of town here are remote and welcoming for the most part. Occasionally, like in the hills of Appalachia in the past, inter-village hostilities break out over such things as logging or drug crops. That doesn’t impact expats usually.

The village of San Juan Chicomezúchil (SJC) is on the way to one of our favorite villages in the area, San Miguel Amatlán. One evening while staying there we descended to SJC and walked around while they were preparing for a festival for their saint, John the Baptist. Continue reading In San Juan Chicomezúchil

El Alebrijero (Alebrije Maker) de San Martín Tilcajete

Aug 27, 2017

We had a great time doing this one. The original plan was to walk with Norberto to the country to cut down a copal tree, then record the interview followed by a return trip to shoot the making of the alebrije. Our first trip was delayed because his father, Ventura, had hernia surgery. Continue reading El Alebrijero (Alebrije Maker) de San Martín Tilcajete

Panteón San Antonino

Panteón San Antonino, Watercolor on paper, 22x30, $1,960

June 19, 2017

At last I’ve returned to my first love, watercolor. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve done one. Of course I had to choose something of a difficult subject. San Antonino is the flower growing capitol of the central valley of Oaxaca. The graveyard there is a riot of color and amazing displays.  Continue reading Panteón San Antonino

El Espadero (Swordsmith) de Ocotlán

June 4, 2017

For my last birthday, Rocío blew me away with a hand crafted machete etched with the Seahawks logo with a handle made of bull horn made by Apolinar Aguilar and pictured here with a sheath made by my friend Pablo Acevedo.

The machete was made in the Angel Aguilar workshop of Ocotlán de Morelos. As I learned more about him, it seemed natural to do a documentary on him. Continue reading El Espadero (Swordsmith) de Ocotlán