Another Guanajuato callejón

Guanajuato Callejón 3, 20x16, Oil on linen, $800
August 23

imageI started this one yesterday. This is a scene from near the city center down in the valley. The hills above will be crowded with colorful houses stacked up like leggos. This was shot my first day there after some light rain, providing nice contrast between the buildings and the road’s glare.

August 24

More insomnia. Mostly due to a cold compounding my sinus problems here. Also, a few nights ago, the family of landlords were up all night Friday drinking, laughing, arguing, etc. I don’t really know how far to push things here. It’s not my country after all. I’ll quietly look for a different place to rent nearby. Anyway, I soldiered on and kept painting. image

On a brighter note, Tobias has calmed down a lot. He now has a spiked collar, I guess to look more threatening to potential burglers. A couple of days ago, he was barking incessantly at a turtle in the yard. It lives in the mosquito nursery the owners call a pool. It was quite funny.





August 25
Guanajuato Callejon 3, 20x16, Oil on linen, $800
Guanajuato Callejon 3

All done! I don’t know if I’ll get another one started before I head to Seattle. Anyway, it was fun finishing this one. Toss in some colored buildings, a few trees, hilltop, cloudy sky ahí estás.

There is another dog in our lives. This one is called Luna, a little black terrier of some kind. At first she was wary of me until Rocío took care of her for a week and she warmed to me. Now when we walk to the house of Phil and Hester, Luna starts barking excitedly before we get there. I think she hears my keys jingle suspended on my belt. Anyway, yesterday afternoon she was sick, and quite unresponsive to Rocío. I was half dead after a bad night’s sleep and a groggy nap, but we went to visit. She was her usual self, going crazy about our visit and cuddling up to us on the couch.

I drugged up last night and slept great. Hopefully it will rain today, which seems to help with the sinus issues.

OK, see you soon!

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