Stuck in the Middle

Guanajuato Callejón 2, 16x24, Oil on linen, $860
July 24

It’s always hard for me to start a painting after I do one that I particularly like. Such was the case after I finished Exhacienda San Gabriel de Barrera, seen here. imageI thought I’d try a smaller work just to get something done. I chose a scene from a callejón well above the Guanajuato city center. A couple of attempts into it I reached that middle phase that often haunts me. I spoke about it here. I was drawn to the make-do architecture you see down here so much:



The second day was pretty much the same. What did I see in this???image







So yesterday I set it down. I’m not sure I’ll get back to it. I chose to start another callejón with much better architecture. I got a good start in two brief painting sessions. Guanajuato Callejon 2 (In progress)I was going to return to it tonight but I had such a miserable time working out all my flight reservations for my September trip to Seattle that even Bob Ross would find no joy in painting tonight. Here are yesterday’s start and today’s addition…Guanajuato Callejon 2 (In progress)

July 28

A little more, ready for the last touches…

Guanajuato Callejon 2 (In progress)
July 29

I made the push to finish today. Lots has been going on. During the Gueleguetza (kind of a 2-week Folk Live Festival, more centered on dance) approximately 4,000 federal police joined the 2,000 or so local and state police here to keep the peace in the face of ongoing tensions with Sección 22, the dissident teachers’ union. Everything was quite peaceful. I enjoyed a very nice extended family meal with the family of my friend Álvaro Torrez then hoofed it to a rooftop full of gringos to view the closing fireworks show for the Gueleguetza.

Guanajuato Callejon 2, 16x24, Oil on linen, $960
Guanajuato Callejon 2

Tobias is growing up. He’s had more human interaction lately with workmen in the yard. He’s only mildly neurotic.

Rocío has been gone longer than planned. She had a mole removed from her foot, probably due to my insistence that she get it biopsied after my melanoma. Instead, they took it off. Benign, but much more painful for her. She returns Sunday. Yay! 🙂

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