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Available Works

I have these works with me in Oaxaca. Unless otherwise indicated all works are in oil (there are a few watercolors in here) painted on oil-primed canvas or linen. Those sized 16×24 and smaller are mounted on light and rigid gatorboard or thin plywood. Larger works are on stretcher bars and I can ship them to you off the stretchers (rolled into a plastic tube) or on the stretchers. On the stretchers will cost more to ship of course.

I have priced the Yarn Bin outrageously. It’s everyone’s favorite, including my children. One of them (I don’t remember which one) has claimed it after I die. So the price reflects really a commission to repaint it for you.

If you desire to purchase a work, please contact me here and we’ll make the arrangements.

Dimensions are in inches and prices are in U.S. dollars.

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