Panteón San Antonino

Panteón San Antonino, Watercolor on paper, 22x30, $1,960

June 19, 2017

At last I’ve returned to my first love, watercolor. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve done one. Of course I had to choose something of a difficult subject. San Antonino is the flower growing capitol of the central valley of Oaxaca. The graveyard there is a riot of color and amazing displays. 

As I write this I’m a bit tired dealing with some hitch hikers in my gut. So I’ll just post the photo. I’ll mention a couple of items of local interest. First, we have a new puppy in our lives. This one belongs to Rocío’s landlady, still no name yet. The landlady doesn’t have much time to care for the dog, so we’re going to get a leash and do some educatin’.

Puppy (Photo by Craig Olson)

Second, it being June, we’re in the midst of our annual invasion of escarabajos. Scarabs by the thousands are falling out of the night sky. Every morning you can find dozens of them near light sources, on their backs like drowning turtles, waiting for death.


If you put them on their feet, they will soon return to their backs. One of these years, I want to collect a bunch and do an art project with them…

OK, that’s all for now. Our next video project will be with a carver of alibrijes in San Martín Tilcajete.

4 thoughts on “Panteón San Antonino

  1. Dear Señor Parks,
    The vente-ano hiatus certainly didn’t erode your facility with the medium. Watercolor is a harsh mistress (apologies to Robert Heinlein) and you’ve remastered in forcefully. Another quiver in your vastly creative armamentarium.
    Good looking little bundle of joy…and certain to be of great help in the studio…we’re getting ready for a show that opens this Thursday…HOT here, but infinitely preferable to cool, wet, and overcast…and I know you know what I mean…Hasta la Pasta, hermano!

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