Jardin Mexicano Ex Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera

Jardín Mexicano, 16x20, Oil on linen, $840
October 3, 2015

So I kind of forgot to do in-progress shots, except the one after the first day. I started this before I took my vacation from retirement in the states. The trip was a nice break from howling dogs, sirens, church bells, processions, sky rockets, and drunk neighbors.image

I had a wonderful time with my kids and grandson. For the first time in my life I could say of them all, “the kids are going to be fine.” Jessie was so loving and hospitable, sleeping on her couch for so long. My relationship with Balloo, Jessie’s Dobermann, grew quite a bit, as far as I could tell. He’s a pretty stoic dog but does get excited after his evening walk. Connor is fine after crashing his motorcycle on the freeway. He has a lovely girlfriend and they both are motivated in their studies. Erica has a lovely life in L. A. and is growing in her ability to sew, with an eye in fashion design. We had several long satisfying conversations about past and present.

It’s great to be with Rocio again. I started to see a guy she knows who does biofeedback which I hope will help me with sleep. I’m just trying to surrender more to Mexican living, choosing my battles carefully, and noticing beauty every day. Tomorrow we’ll be going to the flower growing area of the valley which will be full of flowers for Day of The Dead.

While I was away, Tobias the Belgian Shepherd escaped and ran (who wouldn’t) unfortunately into the big avenue nearby and got hit pretty badly. He’s just now out of the hospital and in his owner’s “care” most of the time.

I’ve decided to move to a quieter location. I’ll be looking at a place tomorrow. This month will be crazy busy with festivals for the local saint and Day of The Dead, of course. Here’s all the stuff going on nearby. I’ll be staying at Rocio’s place for the early morning or late night festejando…


16 x 20 in – 40 x 51 cm
Oil on linen – Oleo sobre lino
$9,400 PMN


8 thoughts on “Jardin Mexicano Ex Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera

  1. Sounds like life’s normal ups and downs, but you have great relationships you are nurturing beautifully. Your paintings are so very lovely. Thank you for sharing and hope you find just the right place to settle soon. ♡ 🙂

  2. Sweet, thank you Jacqueline! Hopefully the place I’ll look at today will be a good change. Right now a big calenda (parade) is starting up across the street. Nice for tourists, hell on naps….

  3. So good to see your work again, Brian! I absolutely love it- it conjures images that I like, places I want to be. Sorry I missed crank calling you last trip. Next time your in town I want to show you a Sasquatch activity book I have and what my/your friends did with it. Love You!

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