House of Many Colors, San Cristóbal de Las Casas

House of Many Colors, Oil on linen, 16x24, $960
June 11, 2016

I was strolling around San Cristóbal de Las Casas looking for a garden reported to be near a hotel. The garden wasn’t much to look at so I continued up a hill and came across this house. I knew I wanted to paint it the moment I saw it. Back in the studio, I knew I couldn’t paint a la prima (all at once) because there was so much texture in the painted stucco. So I took a little more time, laying down some light under coats using Liquin, a fast drying medium, then going into it with the color when it was nearly, but not completely dry.

Here in the valleys the rains have started! I’m so happy. I’m not built for that kind of heat anymore. It’s not the daytime heat that kills me, but the evening heat that builds up in the house that was awful. The new place has a lot of ventilation, but no screens against mosquitoes. So my answer to that is to open up everything in the house except the bedroom and to deploy an air conditioner in the bedroom at night. Now with the rains, daytime temps rise to the low 80’s then the clouds form and rain then cools everything down nicely. As I write this, it’s been overcast all day. Phew.

Tree frogs are back, chirping day and night. A couple of days ago, I saw my first escarabajo, or scarab. Some call them June bugs. They are really big beetles that exhaust themselves flying around lights at night. Soon we’ll be seeing dozens of them dead on the ground every morning. I was thinking of doing some kind of art project, posing them in little dioramas. Don’t hold your breath on that.

Heading stateside in September!

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