Coyocán Corner, Mexico City

Coyocán Corner, Oil on linen, 16x20, $800
June 24,2016

Coyocán (place of the coyotes) is a lovely borough of Mexico City.

Borough of Coyocán
Borough of Coyocán

It reminds me of Capitol Hill in Seattle or Silver Lake in Los Angeles. It was the first capitol of New Spain from which Cortés directed the Spanish conquest of Mexico City. He maintained an hacienda there.  This is the corner of Carrillo Puerto and Francisco Ortega.

Tourist map of Coyocán
Tourist map of Coyocán

It’s the home of Frida Kahlo and the place where Leon Trotsky was murdered in his study.

Frida Kahlo Home and Museum
Frida Kahlo Home and Museum

Closer to home, the state is still locked down. The blockade in Nochixtlán, the scene of last week’s violence, has been lifted as a show of good faith in negotiations between the teacher’s union and the government, however, two more have been raised in the southern part of the state, bringing the total to 20 blockades around the state. The coastal resort towns of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, are experiencing hardship as 40% of vehicles have no fuel and waves of hotel reservation cancellations have crippled tourism. Here in Oaxaca some markets are without food and many businesses are about to lay off employees. For background you can read the most balanced report I’ve read. I’ve been pretty clear that while supporting the teacher’s right to redress the state for their complaints, the union that represents them is objectively corrupt.

There are times when I wonder where the world is going. If all the forces against global partnerships and engagement result in heightened nationalism and xenophobia, then I’m kind of fucked. Witnessing the powerlessness of the government to clear public highways of blockades, I wonder what would happen down here in the event of a Trump presidency. The good will enjoyed by many expats here from their host country could evaporate in a blink.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the rains and I’m sleeping better with cooler weather. I had a couple of bouts with parasites which work wonders for losing weight. So if anybody wants a quick weight loss program, come on down and drink some untreated water.


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  1. It is sad what seems to be happening everywhere. Scary times indeed. As for Trump… no words 🙁 . Hope things clear up in your neck of the woods soon. Your paintings are beautiful. Also, cool picot Frida’s place. She was incredible.

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