Clave Azul

Clave Azul, 16x20, Oil on linen, $800
July 14

Plaza San Fernando, Guanajuato, Mexico

While strolling my first day in Guanajuato, after a 4-hour tour of the city, I found this very active plaza, San Fernando. Behind the cafe pictured in this  was a little key hole of an entrance into a callejon behind the square. Passing through, Alice-in-wonderland-like, I happened upon this lovely entrance to a restaurant.image

I’ll be done with this one pretty quickly. Here I’ve toned the canvas with my usual Winsor Orange.  The surprise will be in the finish. Stay tuned…

July 15

All ready for the last touches. I laid in all the stuff inside the entry to the restaurant. Here’s a review of the place, though I didn’t eat there when I was in Guanajuato:

Clave Azul in progress“This place presents quite the conundrum. If you ask anyone who’s been to Guanajuato, they’ll tell you about how amazing it is and how you just HAVE to come here. But then you get to Guanajuato, and you try to find the place. Thus begins the adventure… you find out sort of ‘where’ it is, the general vicinity. So you search around to find it, and you realize how confusing the alleys and backalleys of Guanajuato truly are. So you look, and you look, and you ask people, and people have sort of heard of it but don’t really know where it is, and so on and so on…

Keep going, my friend. When you find it, it will be worth it.”

Like I said, I stumbled upon the place by accident. I would have never found it intentionally, so hidden it is in a very narrow alley.

I would have finished it by now but I had to spend  most of the afternoon cleaning out a mouse house established in my utensil drawer (my kitchen is in the back terrace of the apartment). I knew there was one in the area and kept putting out poison. The utensils I use the most are in the dish rack, but last night I had to get a ladle to dish out some pasta sauce and there was some mouse’s home sweet home. When I showed it to the landlady this afternoon, the thing jumped out of the drawer causing her to nearly faint. There followed much washing and bleaching. Now as I’m writing this, it’s raining more than I’ve ever seen it here. Kinda fun!

July 16

All done! If you didn’t know already, blue is my favorite color, though, I have more yellows in my palette. Getting the right shade or mix of yellows is more important in my subjects. I hope to go back to Guanajuato and actually eat in this place. Stay tuned for many more from Guanajuato…

Clave Azul, 16x20, Oil on linen, $800
Clave Azul









16 x 20 in – 40 x 51 cm
Oil on linen – Oleo sobre lino
$9,400 PMN

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